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Bob McNeese (Colorado Springs, CO)


Larry Kinder (Elko, MN)
1981 EAA Grand Champion

Midget Mustang

Aluminum, single-place, aerobatic speed machine!

200 mph with a 100hp Continental O-200

M-IA sliding bubble canopy version

Mustang II

Two-place, aerobatic, cross-country airplane.  Travel 1000 miles at speeds over 210 mph!

Conventional or Tricycle gear plus Folding Wing Option

Bill Scheltema's Mustang II  (Muskegon, MI)




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EAA AirVenture 2015 - Oshkosh WI (July 20th - 26th)
Mustang Dinner  (Tue July 21st 6:30pm)
Mustang Forum  (Tue July 21st 8:30am)





AOPA  March 2013     Flyoff !




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John Veale - Mustang II Video


Mustang Builders Group

EAA Video of Bill Scheltema's Mustang II

 250+ mph Mustang II


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