Mustang II - Video Clips

[ larger and better quality versions of these and other clips are on the Mustang DVD ]

Mustang II Short Flight

Short Flight in our Mustang II

Ride along with Carlo

A ride in Carlo Cilliers Mustang II

Bill Scheltema's  Mustang II
( 3 min overview )

link to EAA footage of Bill Scheltema's award winning Mustang

Bill Scheltema's  Mustang II
( 13 min interview )

link to EAA footage of Bill Scheltema's award winning Mustang

Mustang II vs RV Flyoff

AOPA flyoff with Carlos Cilliers

Trailering a Mustang II

John Crawford in New Zealand

Trailering a Mustang II

Bill Scheltema's Mustang II and trailer

This is Why I Fly a Mustang II

John Veale in B.C. Canada

cross country comfort  
(2,267kb mpg)

cabin size, baggage capacity, and canopy styles

take off (717kb mpg)

(solo and 1/2 fuel, O-320 160hp)

<400ft take off roll shows short field capability

landing (1,139kb mpg)

(solo and 1/2 fuel)
    • <600 ft ground roll
    • 75-80 mph over the fence
    • 57 mph touchdown

stall (1,153kb mpg)

(solo and 1/2 fuel)

60 mph without flaps
(note that the prototype does not have the new rolled leading edge skins and has acquired some dents and dings in the leading edge since 1966)

Builder - ( 2489 kb mpg)

Clip from Mustang Video of Paul Cox and his 2 Mustang II's.





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