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Kitplanes Article  January 2022


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Paul Cox will have been flying Mustang II's for 50 years come July 4th, 2022.  We believe he has more Mustang time than any other pilot.  Between his two Mustang II's he has logged over 4,400 hours in Mustangs.  Paul retired to Buckingham Airpark ( FL59 ) near Ft Myers Florida in 1997 and since that time the airpark has become a haven for Mustangs in no small part because of Paul.  There have been 2 Mustang II's built at the airpark and many other Mustangs have moved in over the years.  There are currently 5 actively flying Mustangs at Buckingham.  Pictured below is Larry Kinder with his Oshkosh Grand Champion Mustang II, Paul Cox, Tom Fisher with his Midget Mustang and Mustang II, and Don Caskey with his folding wing tri-gear Mustang II.  Both Tom and Dons Mustang II's were built from kits by Mustang Aeronautics. The total flight time for the 5 Mustangs pictured below is over 8,100 hours.  These guys fly and travel in their Mustangs.


The Mustang group along with several other active flyers at Buckingham typically fly out for breakfast or lunch every Wednesday and Saturday within a 200 mile radius. Paul who turned 85 in January says he is slowing down and not flying as much.  He might not be doing the cross countries from Ft Myers to Louisville anymore but getting out and flying 2 times a week he is still more active than we are here in Michigan.




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