AirVenture  2016

July 25th - July 31st  Oshkosh, WI


The 50th Anniversary of the Mustang II

Pictures from AirVenture 2016


Tuesday  July 26th 10:00am Mustang's in Review with Carlo Cilliers
Wednesday  July 27th 2:30pm Mustang Forum at the Homebuilders Hangar
Wednesday  July 27th 6:30pm Mustang Dinner at The Roxy  Flyer

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Mustang Aeronautics will not have a booth at the EAA AirVenture show this year.  We will be on the flightline with the Mustangs Monday the 25th until Thursday the 28th but we will not be exhibiting.  We will be with the rest of the Mustangs near the homebuilders headquarters. We will be at the airplanes or the tables at the homebuilders headquarters daily from 10am until noon and then 4pm until 5:30pm.

The Mustang dinner is at a new location this year. It is going to be at the Roxy in downtown Oshkosh. Rides are available to and from the AirVenture grounds.  The sign up sheet for dinner rides will be with Chris Tieman in the Mustang parking area near the homebuilders headquarters.  Come join us for some good food and great stories.


Pictures from AirVenture 2016


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