Oshkosh Airventure 2008

July 28 - Aug 3rd  Oshkosh, WI


We had a fairly good turn out at the EAA Airventure Fly-In this year despite fuel costs.  The west coast was not represented but there were planes from all over the rest of the country.   There were at least 12 Mustang II's that flew in and 2 Midget Mustangs. 

John Keich (M-I) and Bob Wagner (M-II) competed in the AirVenture Cup Race from Mitchell, South Dakota to Fond-du-Lac.  It covered a total distance of 470 miles.  More info is located at  www.airventurecup.com

Mustang II’s:

John Martino, GA
Bill Scheltema, MI
Kirk Harrell, IL
Greg Bordelon, TX
Ron Gibbs, TX
Al Velette, PA
Bob Wagner, MI
Paul Cox, FL
Larry Kinder, MN
Brian Schmidtbauer, MN
Chris Bailey, MI
Brad Winchell, MI 

Midget Mustangs:

Tom Ewing, KY
John Keich, MO


We managed to get everyone to the Mustang Dinner on Wednesday night despite the large number of people that needed a ride this year.  There were almost 50 people at the dinner.  Good stories, good food, great motivation.

Larry Kinder had some spectacular pictures of a trip he made this year to Sedona, AZ in his Mustang with his wife Debbie.  I have added Sedona to my “must fly to list” along with southern Utah.  His trip would make a good article for the newsletter.

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