Airventure 2009


Some of the Mustangs at Airventure 2009

John Keich, MO

parked with the Airventure Cup racers

John Martino, GA

Ron Gibbs, TX

Herb Rose, PA

newly finished Mustang II

Kirk Harrell, AL

his annular engine cooling inlet draws attention

Kirk Harrell's M-II and the Airbus

A rainy morning on the flightline

Kirk Harrell leaving for home

Herb Rose opening up his cowl for the judges

Al Velette, PA

at homebuilders HQ plane is 35 years old

Larry Kinder needs a bigger prop

1,000+ hours, Grand Champion, flown to 20,000 ft

Larry Kinder, MN

Chris Tieman in front of Herb Rose's M-II


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