Mustang II Partial Kits

( March 2023 )

Partial Kits:  (listed in typical order of purchase, shipping not included)

Flap Starter Kit (drawings, instructions, rivets, & crating)      $530.00
Flap Only Kit                                                                 $445.00

Rivet Kit                                                                        $180.00

Center Section Kit  (includes main wing spars)                $5,390.00
     Assembled Main Wing Spars                                   $1,035.00
     Assembled Center Section Rear Spar                          $340.00
     Powder Coat Steel Parts                                             $145.00
     Quick Build (partially assembled with all above options)    $3,510.00
                                                                   crating           $155.00

Main Gear Assembly  (ready to bolt in place)                $2,470.00
                                                                   crating            $35.00

Fuselage Kit                                                               $6,130.00
     Powder Coat Steel Parts                                            $140.00
                                                                   crating          $185.00

Empennage Kit                                                           $1,995.00
     Assembled Spars (Fin/Rudder, Stab/Elevator)             $595.00
     Powder Coat Steel Parts                                             $195.00
                                                                      crating          $95.00

Wing Kit                                                                      $3,865.00
     Assembled Wing Rear Spar                                         $295.00
     Powder Coat Steel Parts                                               $52.00
                                                                    crating          $175.00

Quick Build Partially Completed Wing Option        $4,590.00
    includes the assembled wing rear spar and powder coat
crating          $325.00

Quick Build Completed Standard Wing Option      $6,740.00
Quick Build Completed Wet Wing Option                   $9,690.00
    includes the assembled wing rear spar and powder coat
crating         $325.00


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