Mustang II Deluxe Kit Package

( May 2021 )

Package Pricing  -  Save Over $1,000


M-II Deluxe Kit Package  $ 36,200.00

Complete Kit with all of the quick build options:
Finished wet wings, 11gal header tank
(with capacitance probe, 47gal total cap. in 3 tanks), engine mount (for Dynafocal Lycoming), wheels and brakes (with dual brakes, remote reservoir, and mounted tires), James “Holy” Cowl and Cooling Plenum (w/ round inlet inserts; injected or carb version; old cowl is pictured), fiberglass parts (wing tips, tail tips, wheel pants, wing root fillets), T-18 Canopy (inc. shipping when builder is ready to install), and crating charges.

Tricycle gear requires about $600 of additional nose wheel parts besides the $230 nose gear leg. A list of parts is provided that can be purchased from Van’s Aircraft.

This package is shipped in two stages per the following schedule:

Deluxe Kit Shipment 1:

(everything but the wings, up to 12 week lead time)

      25% deposit at time of order     $ 6,200.00
      Balance due before shipment   $ 18,655.00


                                  TOTAL     $ 24,855.00

Deluxe Kit Shipment 2:

(completed wings, up to 12 month lead time)

    payment 6 weeks before shipment     $ 2,000.00
     Balance due before shipment            $ 9,345.00


                                     TOTAL           $ 11,345.00