How Much Does It Cost?

The finished costs for a VFR Mustang II with a fixed pitch propeller can be close to $39k complete on a tight budget.

Roughly $16,300 for the standard kit depending on configuration, $11,000 for rebuilt 160hp Lycoming (a mid-time engine you can put right in would be about $8k, a good option if it will fly less than 100 hours/year), prop is $1000 for wood or $1,920 for Sensenich metal (wood can get damaged flying in rain), $5,000 for Avionics (Comm, GPS, transponder, intercom, and installation), $2,000 for instruments, $500 for lights, and $3,000 for misc. items (paint, fabric for interior, fuel lines, static lines, battery, electrical wiring, engine exhaust system etc.).

This totals $38,800.

Add $920 for the Sensenich fixed pitch metal prop
or ... Add $4,680 for a new Hartzell constant speed prop (M.A. OEM pricing)
Add $2,000 for an overhauled O-360 180hp Lycoming
or ... Add $9,000 for a new IO-360 180hp Superior Engine
or ... Deduct $3,000 for a mid-time engine.

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