Center Section Sub-Kit

standard center wing section main spar


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The 8ft long center wing section main spar is the heart of the airplane.  It comes ready to install, complete with labeled construction lines, predrilled rib attach angles, and fitted and reamed gear attach points. The outer panel main wing spars come with the center section kit and are pilot drilled and matched to this spar, setting the dihedral. The main gear attach brackets are already drilled and reamed to the spar so the finished gear can just be bolted into place. This spar is made up of 2 special 2024 aluminum "T" extrusions that are joined together by an .040" web. Hardened 4130 steel wing attach fittings are bolted to the ends and allow for easy attachment of the wings with only 2 bolts for each main wing spar.  This is the main load carrying structure of the airplane.


Sample Parts
  • bulkheads
  • skin stiffeners
  • seat belt attach brackets
  • gear access hole skin doubler
  • aileron pushrod supports
  • flap handle parts
  • control stick support bulkhead
  • aileron and elevator bellcranks
  • control stick bearing
  • control stick assembly
  • center wing section ribs


Center Section Rear Spar Pre-Drilled Parts


Center Section Options