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The Mustang FTP site contains files uploaded by individuals that might be helpful to other Mustang builders or owners. Large files should be posted here instead of being sent to the Mustang Mail List as they may overload most mailboxes. To upload files to the site for others to see copy them to the incoming directory on the Mustang FTP site.

This can be done by selecting the file you want to copy using a program like Windows Explore and then edit,copy. From your internet browser (ie: Windows Internet Explorer) go to the incoming directory on the Mustang FTP site and then edit,paste.

The site is intended for the free exhange of information regarding experimental aircraft and Mustangs in particular. Mustang Aeronautics is not responsible for the content of the files uploaded to the site so download at your own risk. Any files deemed unappropriate will be deleted.


Mustang FTP Site

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