What is the Useful Load?

We recommend 1600 pounds as the gross weight for the Mustang II.  This puts the aircraft in the utility category.  The builder determines the actual gross weight of the airplane.  Many builders that have used the heavier 200hp Lycoming with a constant speed propeller are using gross weights well over 1600 pounds.  Some are flying at weights much higher than we would like to see.  The empty weight of some of the heavier Mustang IIís are approaching 1200 pounds.  It is acceptable if the airplane is flown only in the normal category at weights up to 1850 pounds and only if the additional fuel weight is in the wings.  The effects will be slightly higher stall speeds, longer take off and landing distances, slightly lower service ceiling, and a limited landing weight.  The gear may fail if subjected to a 500 fpm rate of descent landing at over 1600 pounds gross weight.  Climb rates with the 360 Lycoming and constant speed prop will still be over 1,000 fpm and the service ceiling over 18,000 ft in standard conditions.

If your Mustang II weighs 1170 pounds, about average with the 200hp engine and constant speed propeller, the useful load based on 1850 pounds gross is 680 pounds.

The aerobatic category weight (6g yield / 9g ultimate) remains 1350 pounds gross.