How Fast Is It?

Our prototype aircraft powered with a 160hp Lycoming has a top speed of 208 mph at sea level.  At 75% power and 8000ft it cruises at 196 mph true airspeed.  At 55% power and 11,000ft it cruises at 185mph burning 7gal/hr.  There are Mustangs that are much faster than ours and there are Mustangs that are slower than ours.  A typical airplane with the standard height canopy, wheel pants on 5.00x5 wheels, conventional gear, good engine induction and cooling systems, good construction, and with the 160hp O-320 Lycoming should match those numbers fairly closely.   The 180hp version will be about 15 mph faster.  The 200hp will be about 20-25mph faster.

The Mustang II’s have flown in many races and contests.  These have proven the aircraft’s speed and handling capabilities.  One of the most extensive tests done on the airplane was by the CAF? foundation.  A copy of the write up is in the information package as well as on the website here.  The test airplane had a top speed of almost 211 mph and also got high marks for stability and control.  Other Mustangs with the larger IO-360 Lycoming have recorded speeds up to 250 mph in various races.  Larry Kinder averaged 235mph in the 1998 Sun 100 race with 2 people on board, a very well built but basically stock airframe, and a stock IO-360 180hp Lycoming.