What is the Safety Record of the Mustang II?

The Mustang II has had a good safety record.  For over 35 years, refinements have been made as needed such that the product today is as reliable and durable an airplane as exists on the market anywhere.

Non aircraft related issues like low level aerobatics have been the main recurring problem.  Something as innocent sounding as a low level pass has a much higher degree of risk so close to the ground.  There is little margin for error at very low altitudes and pilots doing things in their high performance homebuilt they would not dream of doing in their Cessna's have gotten themselves killed.

There have been a few stall/spin accidents but not at a higher rate than other similar aircraft like the RV series, T-18, Lancair, or Glasair.  Just because a design stalls slower does not mean it will have fewer stall/spin accidents.  Pilot training and technique is more important than slightly slower stall speeds.

The EAA keeps accident records on experimental amateur built aircraft.  To get a listing of these reports for any design, including the Mustang II, call the EAA at 920-426-4821.