How Long Does It Take To Build One?

The Mustang II is simple enough to keep build times reasonable yet sturdy enough to be aerobatic and capable of speeds well in excess of 225mph.  We do not use retractable landing gear or complicated structures that could add many months to the build time, tens of thousands of dollars, and only yield 10-15mph more in top speed.  The structure is there however for sport aerobatics and cruise speeds of over 200mph unlike other lighter weight designs that can be built in less time.

From our newest kits, a consistent pace of 10-15 man-hours per week will typically yield a flying airplane in about 3 years.  With quickbuild options and outsourcing things like painting and the instrument wiring harness the build time can be cut almost in half.  A builder working full time on the airplane from a standard kit can finish in less than a year.  There are wide variations among individuals but this is a pretty good indication of what it should take.  The most important part in meeting this build time is working on it every week.  If the project is put aside for a period of time, many hours will be spent back tracking.

Of course build times will vary depending on experience, work habits, and other factors.  One of the most obvious variations will be in how meticulous a builder is about their work.  Extremes in either direction are not good for producing a quality aircraft in a reasonable amount of time.  A perfectionist will take too much time that is really not necessary (unless their goal is a Grand Champion) and a person rushing through the project is prone to make many more mistakes requiring additional time to fix.