Is the Mustang II Aerobatic?

The Mustang II is rated for +6 / -4g yield, 9g ultimate at 1350 pounds.  A typical O-320 powered M-II weighs about 1000 pounds empty.  This typically dictates only one person for aerobatics to stay within the 6g limit.  At the gross weight of 1600 lbs the M-II is in the utility category which is 4.5g yield strength.  Maneuvers are limited to spins, aileron rolls, and other mild, non-whip stall maneuvers.

We recommend our airplanes for Sport Aerobatics? meaning things like rolls, loops, hammerheads, spins, etc..  We discourage snap rolls, tail slides, and similar hard maneuvers.

The Mustangs are designed for speed not competition aerobatics.  This means that when the nose comes down it picks up speed very rapidly.  This is not something you want in a competition airplane as it will be very difficult to keep the plane in the aerobatic box without pulling too many gs.  High speed means potentially high gs so it is not a good airplane to learn aerobatics in.  In the hands of a skilled pilot it is a superb sport aerobatic airplane.  The controls are well balanced.  At 200+ mph the ailerons start to get much heavier but for sport aerobatics we consider this a good thing.