What are the advantages of the Mustang II?

The Mustang is ideally suited for high speed cross country flying.

The tapered wing and laminar flow airfoil make it very efficient at altitude.  The wing design gives the Mustang a higher top speed as well as higher cruise speeds.  Tests conducted by the CAFE foundation showed a max cruise speed of 199mph for a 180hp RV6A and 210mph for a 160hp Mustang II.  With the larger engine the Mustang will do even better, especially at altitudes of 10,000 – 13,000 feet.  Higher wing loading and tapered wings give a smoother ride as well as higher cruise speeds.  Moving the center of lift inboard with the tapered wings also helps structurally.  Our main wing spars are made from laminated strips of 1/8” 2024 sheet that have been sheared to match the tapered wing.  This is more costly to manufacture than an extrusion or bar stock but it is stronger and lighter.  It is optimized to provide an even spar loading and eliminates large stress concentrations along its span.  The performance and strength of the Mustang wing makes it a good IFR platform which is important for a dependable cross country airplane.


Build time for the Mustang II is now very competitive with any other design in its class.

Over the last 15 years we have made major updates in our kits and plans to reduce build times.  Almost all of the airframe parts are fabricated in the kit.  Many parts are now pre-drilled.  We have numerous quick build options for those wishing to get flying even quicker including completed wing panels.  The Mustang is a simple airplane to build.  Only a generic wing jig is required (if not using the quickbuild options), eliminating the time and expense of an elaborate fuselage jig.  Typically the first part of the airplane to be built is the center wing section and then everything else built off of it.


The Mustangs are very good looking airplanes.

The thin tapered wings and fighter like styling is what attracts many people.  An airplane’s looks are almost as important as its performance numbers.  Many customers also say they do not want the same airplane as the guy in the hangar next to them, especially when the Mustang is faster and better looking.


The Mustang II is easily transported and/or stored.

We offer a folding wing option that can provide substantial savings in hangar rent.  With this $500 option, an individual can fold the wings in 5 minutes.  Without the folding wing option two people can still easily remove both wings in about 20 minutes.  This is also a great aid during the construction phase as the wings can be attached or removed as needed within a matter of minutes.  Removing the wings can be a difficult all day project with other designs.


The Mustang II is a good handling taildragger.

This is due mainly to the lower tailcone and excellent over the nose visibility.  The smaller tailcone sacrifices a little speed due to airflow separation off of the back of the canopy but makes cross wind landings much easier.  The wide gear track provided by mounting the gear in the wings also makes for better ground handling.  With gear assemblies welded at the factory and ready to simple bolt on the builder is assured of proper wheel alignment.  This is critical for good ground handling.  Some of the existing plans built Mustangs had problems with this.  With the tricycle gear version landings are even easier.


The Mustangs have an excellent safety record and are one of the most proven homebuilt designs ever.

The Midget Mustang has been flying for almost 60 years and the Mustang II for over 40 years.  During this time about 1000 Mustangs have been built.  At Oshkosh there are always numerous Mustang II’s in the row for homebuilts with over 1000 hours on them.  A handful of Mustangs have over 2500 hours on them.  The Mustang’s rugged construction has stood the test of time.


We are a small company and our builder support is very personal.

We can be reached 6 days a week, Monday – Saturday.  Tuesdays and Thursdays technical hours go until 9pm eastern time.  Support can be by mail, phone, fax, e-mail, or a visit to our factory.  There is also an active email list of Mustang builders that can be of tremendous help as well.