Midget Mustang - Video Clips

[ larger and better quality versions of these and other clips are on the Mustang CD ROM ]

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Full Stall - ( 887 kb mpg )
This clip shows the approach to a stall, the stall at 60mph, and a deep stall in which full aft stick is held through the stall. ( if the stick is released the airplane will recover immediately on its own )

Take Off - ( 1833 kb mpg )
Take off from a 2900ft grass strip. Lift off is in about 700ft. Powerplant is a Continental O-200. A grass strip like this is ideal for transitioning into the Midget Mustang.

Landing - ( 1654 kb mpg )
This clip shows the same Midget landing on the grass strip. Landing distance is about 800 feet with light braking. Short field limits are set by landing distance not take off distance in a Midget Mustang.


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