How Long Does It Take To Build One?

The Midget Mustang is quite simple with relatively few parts.  Most electrical and fuel systems are rather basic.  From our newest kits, a consistent pace of 10-15 man-hours per week will yield a flying airplane in about a year and a half.  Two builders working together for a combined 30 man-hours per week should finish in about 9 months.

Of course the estimated 1000 man-hours will vary among builders depending on experience, work habits, and other factors.  One of the most obvious variations will be in how meticulous a builder is about their work.  Extremes in either direction are not good for producing a quality aircraft in a reasonable amount of time.  A perfectionist will take too much time that is really not necessary (unless their goal is a Grand Champion) and an impatient person is prone to make many more mistakes requiring additional time to fix.

Proper builder attitude is also important.  One needs to enjoy the building process and not just look at it as a necessary evil to get an airplane.  Of course some people become addicts at it.  We know of at least one builder who has made 6 Midget Mustangs from plans.