Is the Midget Mustang Aerobatic?

The Midget Mustang is rated for aerobatics at +6 / -4.5g yield, 9g ultimate.  To say that it is a fun airplane to fly is an understatement.  The Midget Mustang has a roll rate of 300 deg/sec (about the same as an F-16) and is very maneuverable.  It almost seems like the airplane responds by just thinking what you want it to do.

In the hands of a skilled pilot it is a superb sport aerobatic airplane.  The controls are well balanced.  At 200+ mph the ailerons start to get heavier but for sport aerobatics we consider this a good thing.  Like most fighter type aircraft, it is not suited well for competition.  It is designed for speed and has too little drag on a downline.  It will be very difficult to keep the plane in the aerobatic box without pulling too many gs.

Approved maneuvers are stalls, spins (3 rev. max), rolls, loops, Immelmans, hammerheads, Cuban eights, and reverse Cuban eights.  We discourage snap rolls, tail slides, and similar hard whip stall maneuvers.  With an inverted fuel and oil system it flies very well upside down.