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Mustang Aeronautics, Inc. acquired the design rights from Robert Bushby in March 1992 for both the Midget Mustang and Mustang II aircraft. We are located just north of Detroit in Troy, Michigan. Our aircraft are hangared at the Oakland Troy (VLL) airport. Visitors are welcome but please call ahead of time to make an appointment. We can also mail a map giving specific directions on how to find us. Weekends are usually a better time to visit us as things are not as busy and traffic is not as bad.

The president of Mustang Aeronautics is Chris Tieman. Chris earned a degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Michigan and has a background in metal fabrication. He acquired his pilots license in 1986 and soon began looking for something to build that was faster and more economical than the average factory airplane. The Mustang II was the best choice for the desired requirements so plans were purchased and construction started. When Robert Bushby decided to retire in 1992 Chris' hobby of home kitplane builder became his profession. His background in aeronautical engineering and architectural aluminum are evident in today's complete kits that have reduced build times dramatically. New manufacturing processes have simplified the kits yet still maintained the economy of the Mustang through improved manufacturing efficiency.

Chris Tieman, Robert Long, Robert Bushby


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