CD ROM Updates

Version 2 & 3:

Addition of about 40 construction pictures most of which from Don Key and Phil Funk.
Also added a new read me file and improved instructions on how to use the CD.


Version 4:

Addition of many government publications including the AC43.13b, kit inspection checklists, homebuilt application forms, and type certificates from Lycoming and Hartzell.


Version 5:

Major update with all of the backissues to the newsletter.


Version 6:

Revised read me file, Oshkosh 99 pictures (including Grand Champion Funk Mustang II & Australia to Oshkosh Mustang II), internet links.


Version 7:

Addition of about 90 construction and openhouse pictures including highlights from Rick Henry's construction album.


Version 8:

Addition of video clips of M-II take off and landing, M-II stall, spin, roll, hammerhead, M-II cross country features, M-II inflight, M-I stall, M-I aileron roll, M-I in flight, and M-I pitch out.
M-II kit pictures.
Mustang Web site pages.


How To Upgrade:

For an upgrade you will need to send your old CD back to us with $16.50

For any significant contributions to the newsletter or CD ROM we will update your newsletter subscription or send you the latest CD ROM.


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